Hotel Amadeus – From the past to the present

History & Tradition

A building rich in history - and full of stories! For many years, hospitality has been our main mission and for this reason we have always had a very careful approach to our structure and its guests.

For many generations, the Gallmetzer family has resided in Ora, where they had been farming for the past decades. Gottlieb Gallmetzer, the current owner of Hotel Amadeus, was born and raised here, when there was still the original working farm. In 1962 the Gallmetzer family was able to recognize the right signs and they decided to transform the farm into a small guesthouse, registering their first guest in 1963. Over the next few decades, there were works of expansion, improvement and renovation. The constant transformations and incarnations of the hotel always changing, at first the small pension into Hotel Gallmetzer and nowadays into Hotel Amadeus. We, the Gallmetzer family, have committed ourselves year after year to keep up with the times and to meet the needs of our guests. Thus, over the years, the quality of the structure has always improved.

With a constant architectural concept and careful renovations we have managed to keep the particular charm of our hotel, characterized by the combination of an Alpine style with elements that recall a more Mediterranean atmosphere. Through this Amadeus has become what it is now: a small gem embracing German and Italian culture, Alpine and Mediterranean. The name of the hotel does not refer to the important Viennese composer, but is simply a word game in honor of the landlord. In fact, the name "Gottlieb" in its Latin form is just  "Amadeus".

Top photo: Pension Gallmetzer with wine "Stube" in 1963.
Bottom right photo: The Bar in 1965. 
Bottom left photo: Dining room in 1964.

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