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With so many cultural experiences awaiting you in South Tyrol you will never have to worry about the weather spoiling your day! 

One of the worlds most famous historical findings was discovered right here in South Tyrol and is now housed in Bolzano, at the Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol: Ötzi - the man of ice. Here a special chilled cell has been set up, which allows the preservation of the Similaun Man's Mummy. Much of the museum is dedicated to the Copper Age, the life, the times and living conditions of Otzi and our ancestors.

Not far away is the spa town of Meran, nestled in the hills north of the city, here you can find the Gardens of Castel Trauttmansdorff, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe, where the Alpine flora leaves space for Mediterranean botanical environments, hosting plant species from all over the world. Attached to the gardens is the Touriseum, an interesting and interactive museum that presents two centuries of South Tyrolean tourism history.

For wine lovers, it is imperative to visit the Caldaro Wine Museum. The oldest Italian museum dedicated to viticulture and the structure was built in the oldest wine producing region of South Tyrol. The museum offers the perfect opportunity to discover and fully understand the importance of wine in our region.

For history buffs, Haderbug, the Castle of Salorno, is a wonderfully maintained medieval castle. Castel Roncolo in Bolzano, also known as the "illustrated manor", offers the charm of its frescoes, but above all its breathtaking position overlooking the River Talvera at the mouth of the Sarentino valley.

For mountain enthusiasts visit one of the six Messner Mountain Museums. The second most famous South Tyrolean after Ötzi, is Reinhold Messner, a world famous mountaineer and explorer. Messner was the first climber to conquer all 14 peaks that exceed eight thousand feet of altitude. He has also created the six museums, largely located in South Tyrol, which tell the story of the mountain, its culture and its inhabitants.

Another way to look at the history and culture of these lands is through a pleasant walk around Appiano, which allows you to discover some more castles of the region. The walk starts from Missiano and as a first stop leads to Castel Corba, continuing towards the "Kreideturm" tower to the Castle of Appiano, finally to the ruins of Castel Boymont. And then coming back. The tour of the castles is fascinating especially in spring and autumn and offers a spectacular view of the valley and the basin of Bolzano.


Photo: IDM (c) Stefano Gilera

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