We’re not a hotel:

we’re a home that also happens to be a business. We can organise DJs to spin some disks by the pool for you, arrange a BBQ, or you can arrange things yourself. Maybe a wedding. Maybe a seminar on vegan hydroponics. Anything goes. Get in touch here.

Ciao Amici!

Travelling with friends, brothers, sisters, mothers? Well then...you can all afford the Amadeus. Because we put together the best "Amici offers" for you. We promise. 

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Ciao Chilläxer!

A museum now and then can be quite nice. But on holiday it's better to just hang. In our 1000 sqm garden with pool and self-service bar, for example.

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Company Weeks

Why not come with your team to work at Amadeus? We offer a pool with bar, a cinema-multimedia room, retro rooms with workstations and hears, hears free high-speed W-lan

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Ciao Amore!

If we are completely honest: we love you all. Preferably those who take it easy. We know neither phrases, formalities nor etiquette. But we try really hard.

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Ciao Festa!

You're celebrating your Fuffi? Or your grandma's 69th? Your Aunt Hildi's name day? Well then! We at Amadeus will organise your celebration. With overnight stay included, of course.

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