There’s a pool in our garden, with an outdoor bar. Bottoms up! Kick back on our retro loungers, grab an Aperol and enjoy the sun in the warmest town in South Tyrol!

We are also happy to welcome amici who just want to come for a swim and a colazione. Please register here!


Amadeus Direttore (aka General Manager) Jan says: "this spacious meadow, this is the so-called golden grail, the USP, the highlight, the red cherry on top of the cream and the Amadeus sales hit". Well then...we hereby apply as a location for the ZDF television garden.

All joking aside. Our meadow with the shady trees, the surrounding vines and the great retro loungers is a dream. But the Amadeus Meadow really exists.

Piscina Rulez

Whether you’re toned, tucked, or things aren’t quite where they used to be, our piscina is there for everyone to enjoy. Well, nearly everyone – fluffy four-legged friends are a bit too much. Day guests are welcome to take a dip to cool off – just let us know

Our pool bar is fully stocked with your choice of beer, Aperol Spritz, Prosecco and wine. Help yourself! Cincin!

Let’s be honest – causing a splash can be annoying. We have a no-bombing policy in place, so nobody will trip and break their ankle. Che figo! That means “cool”, by the way.

Sometimes we open the pool in the evenings, so you can take a dip after dark.

We’ve all been there – resorts in Mallorca where people put out towels to reserve their sunbed at 7 am. We’re not a resort (or even in Mallorca), so hopefully you won’t experience that here. Hopefully. There’s room enough for everyone.


The rooms are in a wild mix of styles. And what of it? The furniture has an exciting story to tell.

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