Near the lake

The Amadeus is not located on Lake Kaltern, but 10 minutes away from it by bike. In the idyllic village of Auer. Where the locals (and not the tourists) are at home. That is molto bello. All Amadeus guests get free access to the Klughammer retro beach pool, right on the lake. Yeah.

Lake for free!

This only applies to Amadeus guests: included in the overnight price is free access to the Klughammer retro beach pool (10 minutes by bike from the hotel).

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Amore, pedalo!

Romantic, exciting and the right place for tanto amore: a pedalo. No convertible is so much convertible. Can be pre-ordered by man and woman directly at Amadeus.

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As you can see, we know what it's like to live by the lake. That's why we're happy to organise a pick-nick boat for you.

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To bike!

Good bicking, we seem to like it. You do too. Just admit it :-) Whether by boat or by bike - both are totally sexy on Lake Kaltern. Amici, siete pronti?


*Being 10 minutes away from Lake Kaltern by bike is better than having a €9 ticket to Sylt. Because in Kaltern you can get a tasty Veneziano from just €4.50. Salute!